7 Surprising Facts About Nature

With the rise of the internet age, it is very easy to think that we know everything. Everything is literally one google search away. We have come to take nature for granted and most times assume how things should be and where they came from.

The following is a list of 10 surprising facts about nature that will surely make you scratch your head.

7. Cashews

We all know what cashews are right? Those delicious nuts that come in a variety package with almonds and peanuts and macadamia nuts? Well unlike the nuts that we are used to eating, the picture above is a cashew. The bottom part is the actual nut, while the top part is the fruit known as the cashew apple. In some places in the world, the cashew apple is fermented and double distilled to make a drink at about 40% alcohol.

6. Pineapples
This is how pineapples grow. Surprised? I always thought that pineapples grow on trees, I was picturing something like a palm tree that grows pineapples instead of coconuts. Was I alone on this? Apparently, pineapples grow from little bushes that are about 3 feet tall.

5. Bananas
Bananas share about 50% of their DNA with Humans. Yes you read that right. Next time you eat a banana, just think of it as you are eating a little tiny half human… but not really though. Bananas are good for you and are an excellent source for energy (Vitamin B).

4. Whale Hearts

(Image @cleveland)

(Image @cleveland)

A blue whale’s heart is big enough for a human to swim through. Jonah and the Whale anyone? If the heart has that much room, the stomach must be enormous! Maybe science will one day prove that whales have air pockets in their stomachs or something.

3. Unicorns
We all know unicorns aren’t real right? I hope so. But that doesn’t stop Scotland from proclaiming the unicorn as its official animal. Well, in the words of William Wallace, “FREEEEDOM!!”, it is a very fitting animal for the nation.

2. Flamingos
There are actually more plastic flamingos in the world, than there are actual flamingos. Come to think of it, I personally have only seen plastic flamingos in my life and never a real one.

1. Ants
There is an estimated 11 quadrillion ants on Earth. What is 11 quadrillion? Think of it this way. The human population is currently estimated to be about 7.4 billion people. 11 quadrillion is 11 million billions. 11 divided by 7.4 = 1.486. Which means, there are about 1.5 million ants for every one human on Earth!