5 Animal Kills that Science thought were Impossible

People often think nature is a very beautiful thing with a lot of beautiful scenery and flowers etc. But when you actually look closer, nature is filled with brutal, merciless hierarchies where the only the strong survive and the weak are destined to be food. The only thing that is somewhat reassuring is that at least it has a certain structure it follows like predators hunting designated prey. But some creatures are blatantly disregarding the natural laws of life and doing whatever they please. The following is a list of 5 animal kills that science did not think were possible.

5. Bat Eating Spiders

(picture @bugbuster)

(picture @bugbuster)

We all have heard of giant spiders eating birds in the amazon right? What about of spiders eating bats? Sure sure, if those giant spiders can eat birds, then surely they can also eat bats. What is so special about that? Well, it turns out, it is not just giant spiders in the amazon that have the potential to eat bats. In literally every continent in the world besides Antarctica, there are species of spiders that eat bats. The spiders either set up their nets in strategic places to catch the bats or if they get bored, they just dive into the bat cave directly and catch bats to munch on.

4. Centipedes are also eating Bats

(image @ arachnoboards)

(image @ arachnoboards)

The title says it all. Apparently, the centipedes learned from the spiders and realized that bats are just easy pickings for a nice feast when they are hungry (just kidding… most likely have no relation to each other). Giant centipedes have been observed to hunt bats directly from the bat caves. They learned to hang upside down on its hind legs like the bats and when they fly out of the entrance, the centipedes will literally try to snatch one out of the air and inject its deadly venom into the bat’s neck and immediately immobilize it. These nasty centipedes can grow up to a foot long.

3. Catfish are Learning to Eat Birds

Catfish in France have begun to forget that they are fish and have literally been jumping out of the waters to catch unsuspecting birds on the shore. Their behaviors are similar to how killer whales hunt seals by swimming up to the shore and onto land or how crocodiles sneak up on their prey at the watering hole. The only difference? Seals and wildebeests and zebras don’t have wings! Check out the following video to see them in action. The catfish are an invasive species to France but who can complain about catfish learning to catch birds? Especially those useless, dumb, disease infested pigeons! The catfish actually have a 28% kill rate which is actually a pretty good hunting percentage.

2. Giant Frogs are Eating All Kinds of Animals… Including…

Yes you guessed it. Bats! The South American Horned Frogs have been observed to eat anything that fits in its mouth. These horned frogs are also known as “Pac-man frogs” because over half of their body is their mouth. They do eat insects of course, but have also been known to eat other frogs, lizards, birds, rats, even bats.

(image @arkive)

(image @arkive)

1. Moths have Developed a taste for Blood

In 2007, Scientists discovered that certain moths belonging to the genusĀ calyptra have learned to start sucking blood from animals for its nourishment. The moths in theĀ calyptra genus have long sharp face spikes that are used to puncture through fruits and drink the juices that flow out. However, these moths have gradually learned that they can use these face spikes to puncture through the skin of an animal and get their nourishment from the blood. The straws they use do not have a suction power of their own, rather, they will rely on their prey’s blood pressure and let the blood naturally pump into their mouths through their straws.

These are just a few instances of when nature totally threw a curve ball at us to make us rethink the natural order of things in the world. Things will never always be the same, animals will always be adapting and learning new things.

Moral of the story? It must suck to be a bat!